Welcome to Ruche

We've loved every minute of our journey

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Ruche. It's Hannah here and I am the founder of Ruche, my happy small business.  I would like to share some of my thoughts with you about the idea of how Ruche is born. 

An Idea is Born

After becoming a mother, I returned to New Zealand with my family and settled in Whanganui.  I ran a retail business but the long hours and selling products I’m not passionate about, it didn't feel rewarding for me. 

I began my search for something I could make on my own in my spare time while trying to balance my life between being a full time Mum and wife, a product that’d really excite me, something relevant to my love of animals too.  I wish to make something that can be used wisely in everyday life, very practical and cool at the same time!

However, I seemed to be hitting many roadblocks, until late 2018, I was talking to a fellow mum who  told me about using beeswax wrap to wrap her son’s sandwiches.  I was absolutely stunned with this idea! 

Our Journey

It took me over 8 to 9 months to do lots of trials of experiments on our RucheWax Recipe in making our RucheWraps at the beginning of our Journey.    It's been over a year now since we sold RucheWraps to our customers and a lot of them have come back and told me that they really appreciated our Wraps because they are the only one that still sticks after many many uses.  

I put a lot of effort to reduce unnecessary waste during our eco products being made.  All equipments I use are either recycled, upcycled, biodegradable or plant based materials.  

I want to spread awareness of the need of reducing waste to help keep our planet clean and safe.  I wish by setting up Ruche,  I can use this platform to bring out my idea of stylish and awesome way to Sustainable living.  

Happy Ruching everyone!

Having Ruche is very rewarding for me because I can do what I am truly passionate about.  I am proud to present Ruchewraps and more products  to all my friends every time. I wish everyone can join us in reducing waste and enjoy using our Ruche Handmade Products. Please help us share our happiness with more people and make the Earth a better place!